Bridge 99 Brewery

Bridge 99 Brewery is a small batch brewery that has been growing since 2013, from 2BBL batches to a brand new 15BBL system which pushed us into a new Tap Room in 2018, we have tried our best to grow in a sustainable manner.

Keeping all things Oregon, staying humble and using sustainable practices to create the best tasting beer are the priorities at Bridge 99 Brewery. It starts with using fresh, local hops mostly from Tumalo Hop Company in Central Oregon. After the brewing process, spent grain, hops and yeast are sent to a local ostrich rancher rather than going into the landfill. We also collect our waste water for fertilizer instead of sending it down the drain.

Where did the name Bridge 99 Brewery come from?

Wanting to build a brand around something unique to the region, along with “99 bottles of beer on the wall” singing in their heads, the owners set out to find a name. The search was over almost as quickly as it began when they remembered a local US Forest Service landmark, Lower Bridge – also referred to as “Bridge 99” – that crosses the Metolius River near Camp Sherman, Oregon.