The story of the Bog Trotter Irish Ale

Bog Trotter was my dad’s nick name and his call sign in WWII. It is a name for an Irish farmer.  All he does is trot around his bog.

The recipe was brought over from Ireland as best they could figure during the civil war. The recipe was handed down to Cal Magee from his grand father. Cal, my dad and two other guys from Belfast starting making this beer about 1960 in Rochester, NY. The ingredients were brought over from Ireland from Cal’s sister when she would visit.  The 4 of them made the beer in garbage cans in our garage.  The cans were lined with plastic or they used stainless steel ones. They made 4 cans, one each.

My dad gave me the recipe just before he died.  The other 3 have been gone for some time. I made the beer several times.  Had a big kick about 10.2.

Bridge 99 is the only brewery this recipe has been shared with.

– Jim Allen

Jim Allen in his sailer uniform fresh off the ship